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GeoFlyer 3D Maps

...Your outdoor companion!


How would you like a mapping app with routing and GPS
tracking that offers you the BEST 3D VISUALIZATION for the outdoors?

How would you like a mapping app that shows points of interest
in 3D with info or links to embedded Wikipedia pages?

How would you like a mapping app that works OFFLINE, too?

geoflyer offers you all this and more!

If you love hiking, biking, horseback riding, or any other outdoor activity,
geoflyer is the app you need.


List of the main features >>


...Highly detailed 3D terrain


geoflyer reproduces the terrain in 3D with stunning details,
using the best available digital elevation models from NASA,
from various European mapping agencies (Europe),
from USGS (US & Canada).

The terrain is overlaid with a custom-made topographic
chart (gCARTA) that shows trails and accurate elevation
contour lines, or aerial images if you prefer.

Find out more about a POI using the labels and icons.
Wikipedia geo-tagged entries and other associated
content are integrated right into the 3D map.



...Plan your trip and have fun!


Plan your trip using multiple routing options,
and save your routes for later use.

Record your GPS tracks and share them
with your friends through Facebook or other social media.

Get the best from your outdoor experience
with the “First Person View” mode,
a sort of augmented reality feature that enables you
to see a virtual 3D view
of what is in front of you, allowing you
to identify peaks and other landmarks.

And it’s fun! Try the GyroPilot mode:
dive into the valleys with a low level flyby,
handling your device like a virtual plane,
and explore the maps like a top-gun pilot!

...All you want from a mapping App is here!


  • Online and Offline modes (with preloading of selected areas)
  • Highly-detailed 3D terrain
  • 3D labels/icons of Points of Interest (POIs)
  • Integrated Wikipedia descriptions
  • Place searching by name (Online and Offline)
  • GPS tracking
  • Routing
  • Sync of tracks and routes on all your devices (iCloud)
  • Altimetry graph and statistics
  • Custom-made gCARTA topographic chart
  • Gyroscope features: GyroPilot and First Person View (Immersive Reality)
  • Import of routes and tracks from GPX files